Sarah is one of the main protagonists of the Mortality Doctrine series, written by James Dashner. Like many of Dashner's characters, she is not given a last name, and goes by only Sarah. She is the daughter of Gerard and Nancy. Sarah is a gamer, and was one of the three hackers tasked by Agent Weber of the VNS to seek out Kaine in the Hallowed Ravine, alongside her closest friends, Michael and Bryson. Though unable to complete the entire mission, Sarah played a vital part in the fight against Kaine, and was able to reunite with her friends for another journey during The Rule Of Thoughts.


It is stated on chapter 5: The kitchen mess part 4, page 51 of The Rule of Thoughts that Sarah originally has a taller appearance with long blonde hair and an unrealistic shade of green for her eyes as the most noticeable difference between her and her Aura’s features. Michael also states that Sarah’s real appearance is cute but her eyes caught his attention the most. Sarah's Aura, however, has long brown hair, tan skin, and almost no makeup (As stated in The Eye of Minds chapter 2: The Proposition part 2, page 17) but the second book of The Mortality Doctrine series also states that her appearance both in VirtNet and reality are quite similar.

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