The Mortality Doctrine is a computer program written by Kaine, intended to have the ability to wipe a human mind currently in a Coffin, Aura erased by a KillSim and replace it with a downloaded Tangent consciousness.


"My name is Carol. I just want to say hi to the First."
Michael, Bryson and Sarah walked past a diner in Atlanta on the way to the VirtNet Security headquarters, and spotted a young girl who banged on the window and ran out to Michael and insisted she wanted to say hi to the "First", and that Kaine had showed the rest of the Tangents being put through the Mortality Doctrine process a picture of Michael and called him the first.
"I ... He showed you to us. He ..." She paused, flicking her eyes toward Bryson and Sarah as if she wanted to say something they shouldn't hear. "I saw you walk by and I knew. The First. That's what he calls you."
"The world's changing, you know. Thanks to Kaine. Thanks to you."