"We could've had everything together, immortality together!"
Kaine is the main enemy in The Eye of Minds in the VirtNet. He is a Tangent who fooled the world into thinking he was human. He wants to implement the Mortality Doctrine program into people so they have Tangent minds.


The VNS created Kaine decades before the events of The Game of Lives as an experimental artificial intelligence that would become and stronger. His purpose was to create the Mortality Doctrine program, because the human minds at the VNS could not create it on their own. The Mortality Doctrine was a far too complex program for a human to create. However, the VNS didn't know that Kaine would become sentient and come up with his own plans. They didn't know about the Hive then, and their original plan was to have Kaine be the enemy so that they could use the Mortality Doctrine to weaken the world so that the VNS would come out on top, and rise to power. They didn't know that the Hive would get in their way. They plan to wipe out all intelligence in the Hive.