This article is about the character. For the article about the short story, see Gunner Skale (short story).

Gunner Skale was the most succesful gamer in the history of the VirtNet. He obtained the highest scores in games such as Lifeblood Deep, but he mysteriously disappeared.


The Eye of Minds

In The Eye of Minds, Gunner Skale is revealed to be residing in a part of the Hallowed Ravine, a path which is believed to lead to Kaine's base of operations. Gunner allows Michael and Sarah a place to stay and food to eat. It is also shown that Gunner now lives with demonic animals that do human activities. He also tries to convince Michael and Sarah to stop their quest to find Kaine, but fails to do so.

Gunner Skale

The story of Gunner Skale is further explored in the short story, Gunner Skale. The short story revolves around Gunner's life as a gamer.