Gabriela is the girlfriend of Jackson Porter. She is nicknamed Gabby by Jackson Porter, her boyfriend. She has a father who works at the VirtNet Security office in Atlanta. Her connections to the VNS is one of the reasons why Kaine chose Jackson Porter to be the human that will host Michael's artificial intelligence.


The Rule of Thoughts

Gabriela sent a series of messages to her boyfriend Jackson Porter. Unbeknownst to her, Jackson's consciousness no longer lies in his body. Instead, Michael's artificial intelligence has been downloaded to Jackson's body.

Gabriela encounters Michael in the streets, but Michael tells her that "things have changed". After this, Michael runs away. During Michael's stay at a hotel near Sarah's town, Gabriela visits him to get some answers. Michael tells Gabriela about how his artificial intelligence has been downloaded to Jackson's body, but she does not believe him.

Michael asks for Gabriela's help to enter the VNS office in Atlanta, and she agrees to help. During their meeting at a coffee shop, Sarah tells Gabriela the same thing that Michael had told her earlier. Although still reluctant, Gabriela believes that Michael is not Jax (Jackson).

Gabriela appears again when Michael, Sarah, and Bryson were being carried away by the police. She apologizes for helping them enter the VNS office, and that they were tricked by the VNS.

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