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    It was a hot day within the VirtNet's version of Shanghai. The heat shimmered off the buildings, the roads, and the sky was blue. Unnaturally blue. Shanghai was one of the beginning levels: you were supposed to start up with the city you lived in, because the idea was that you'd start with what you were used to first. But Shanghai was by far the most fun city in the game, so there were people that knew every nook and cranny in Shanghai without ever having set foot in Asia in their lives.

    Michael was an excellent coder: he'd gotten an apartment on the top floor, overlooking the elevated highway, laden as traffic as they were on a Monday morning rush hour, and train lines. It took a long waiting list to get an apartment anywhere in the city, but t…

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  • HappyButGuilty

    Note: I make many references to The Maze Runner in this "review", so I suggest you don't read this if you haven't read The Maze Runner series.

    The Rule of Thoughts is the sequel to The Eye of Minds, continuing Michael's story.

    James Dashner's writing style is subtly descriptive. The page isn't full of boring, long descriptions, but has sort-of-short but beautiful descriptions that are somehow cinematic. Unfortunately, this book feels like a filler, only created to make the readers ask questions without answering them. I guess it's a good way to get us pumped up for The Game of Lives (which I'm really excited for, God, I need answers!)

    Like The Eye of Minds, this book is relatively plot-driven, compared to Dashner's other works, like the more chara…

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